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The Ship Hector is a recognized tourism icon for the Northumberland Shore and Nova Scotia. The campaign team is committed to preserving this important piece of our rich heritage.   Our goal is to have the Hector fully rigged and operational for visitor marine experiences in  Pictou Harbour by 2025.


250 years ago, 189 Scottish settlers landed on the shores of Pictou Nova Scotia after a harrowing 11 weeks at sea. This voyage was the beginning of an incredible journey that cannot be forgotten. These early immigrants made enormous cultural, political, intellectual, and industrial contributions that helped shape Nova Scotia and Canada.


In 2000, the replica of the Ship Hector was launched in Pictou Harbour. The Ship, the replica site and the Hector Heritage Quay Interpretive Centre allows visitors to experience the life of passengers and their crucial relationship with the Mi’kmaq.


John Oliver
Co- Chair, Corporate Director

Dave Sobey
Co-Chair, Director Support Services, Atlantic, Sobeys

Lee Harwood
VP, BMO Private Wealth

Ralph Heighton
Community Liaison, Hector Quay Society Director

The Honourable Peter MacKay
PC QC, Strategic Advisor, Deloitte LLP

Bobbi Morrison
PhD, Associate Professor, St FX University

Gerry Pettipas
Vice Chair, Hector Quay Society

Campaign Cabinet

  • To ensure the survival and best use of the Ship Hector replica.

  • To ensure the Hector Heritage Quay remains a signature tourism icon for the Northumberland Shore.

  • To preserve the history of the importance of the ship and Mi’kmaq relationship to the survival of the Hector settlers.

Ship Hector Society Goals

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