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Guided by our foundational values, the Ship Hector Society is committed to becoming financially sustainable through diversified programs, both dockside and shipboard. This strategic expansion of revenue streams will sustain ship maintenance and operational costs, as well as ongoing programs and site facilities.  By enhancing attractions and developing innovative experiences, we will create a provincial tourist destination that will benefit the entire region and celebrate our identity as the Birthplace of New Scotland.


Sails Set for Success

Ship Hector transitions from a dockside visitor attraction to a fully operational passenger sailing vessel:

  • Public daytime and sunset sails, bus tours and student sails accommodating 60 passengers.

  • Special event and corporate charters providing a one-of-a-kind back drop for private celebrations.

  • Experiential learning tourism that provides opportunities to learn and actively engage in crewing.

  • A comprehensive five-month sailing school with a recognized curriculum, immersing participants in the study and practice of ship maintenance and sailing procedures.

Hector Heritage Quay Boatbuilding School offering government recognized apprenticeship programs:

  • Six-month wooden boat building program for marine trade careers; fourteen-week ship cabinetry and furniture making apprenticeship.

  • School curriculum including small crafts, construction design courses, and experiential tourism workshops in woodworking and boat building.

Modernization of the Hector Heritage Quay Interpretive Centre:

  • Increased visitation through captivating and innovative interactive displays that offer a comprehensive narrative of the Scottish settlers' partnership with the Indigenous people of Pik’tuk.

  • Integration of curriculum into middle and high school education programs, fostering a deeper understanding of the rich historical context.

Reducing GHG emissions by fully powering the site with solar energy, and by Installing electric propulsion making the Ship Hector the largest passenger carrying green fully rigged ship in Canada.


Creating an environment that is inclusive, accessible and preserves the history of the Ship Hector and Mi’kmaq relationship to the survival of the Hector settlers who landed on Pictou’s shores in 1773.


Offering enriching educational opportunities that ignite curiosity in culture, history, craftsmanship, and seamanship. Sharing the contributions of Scottish settlers that helped shape Nova Scotia and Canada.


ostering partnerships with the Indigenous people of Pik’tuk, government, educational institutions, and the broader community. to enrich cultural exchange and promote sustainable development.


Our Foundational Values

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