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As a fully rigged, operational 18th century sailing vessel, the Ship Hector is poised to
become a provincial tourism icon and an important economic driver for our region.


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All Hands on Deck!

Charting our Course

The Ship Hector's historic voyage is an integral chapter in Canada's history that needs preservation for the benefit of future generations. Appreciating the efforts newcomers made in pursuit of a better life remains relevant today, shaping our identity, values, and growth.

By working together with our community and indigenous partners to actively share this story, we contribute to the economic sustainability of the region through experiential tourism. This collaborative effort also highlights the progress and resilience of communities across Canada.

Once fully restored, the Ship Hector will offer tours of Pictou Harbour, powered by solar energy, making it the only tall ship in Canada with this eco-friendly feature. At the same time, the Ship Hector Society is spearheading a significant effort to modernize the Hector Heritage Quay Interpretive Centre. Renovations will include innovative interactive displays that offer a comprehensive narrative of the Scottish settlers' partnership with the Indigenous people of Pik’tuk.

2024 Launch

"I was delighted to hear about the redesign of the Ship Hector and was so happy to hear that the Mi’kmaq would be able to share their stories and be a part of this history that will be on display. Not Many know or are aware of the connection between our people and the Ship Hector. I look forward to working to share this story and seeing all that we discover."

Chief Andrea Paul

Pictou Landing First Nation

"The Ship Hector is an important part of our Country’s history and our community’s Celtic heritage. The facility draws visitors to the area and serves as an anchor for our local tourism sector. With the 250th anniversary of the Hector’s arrival and the 150th Anniversary of the founding of the Town of Pictou, the proposed improvements to the vessel and interpretive centre could not be better timed.”

Sean Fraser

Member of Parliment

"The Ship Hector is an important piece of our Nova Scotia heritage and an integral economic driver for the tourism industry along the Northumberland Shore. September 15, 2023 will be an important milestone for our province to celebrate and I look forward to being a part of this special occasion."

Tim Houston

Premier, Nova Scotia

"The Town of Pictou is proud to be the home of the Ship Hector as a signature tourism icon on the Northumberland shore. The Ship Hector replica and Interpretive Centre add to the appeal of our beautiful waterfront and help to drive economic activity in the region.

Jim Ryan

Mayor, Town of Pictou

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